• Eoin Treacy

ENACTUS Ireland 2020 Winning Project: is about to take centre stage at the 2020 ENACTUS World Cup., the assistive learning technology that helps anyone with dyslexia read better online with customised solutions, was one of the projects presented by the Dublin City University team that won the ENACTUS Ireland National Competition.

Over the next few days, ENACTUS Ireland will take , alongside other innovative social enterprises, and in a virtual conference will compete against the best and brightest student entrepreneurs around the world.

ENACTUS Ireland was drawn in the first round against South Africa, Eswatini, and the Netherlands. The Dublin City University team has been featured in several Irish publications, after a visit to the national Department of Education, to meet with a Minister of State, Niall Collins.

You can read about the coverage below, just click on the publication!

DCU students to take part in global entrepreneurship competition:

The Irish Times

Irish Tech News

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